About Us

The Lotus Library was created to spread the teachings of the Buddha.

We are a small group of practicing, Buddhist volunteers located in Sydney, Australia. The organization is a registered charity and no one involved charges for their time.

The eBooks in the Library are mostly available through the Creative Commons Licence. Our authors only allow their work to be shared in a non-commercial way, so there is no charge and no eBook can be downloaded and sold. Older books in the catalogue are available due to being out of copyright.

We welcome bona fide lay and monastic authors to add Buddhist articles and books to the collection.


Terry Redmond

Retired bookkeeper, keen hiker and long-term Buddhist meditator. The data base of books is the product of 4 years volunteer work.

Tina Ng

Principal Lawyer at Metta Legal, Mediator at Metta Resolution and President of Metta Centre.