Access to Insight

  • Dating back to 1993, this site has a wealth of material on the Pali scriptures.
  • Containing over 1,000 sutta translations and is searchable by subject, simile or translator.
  • It is now run by the Barre Center, Massachusetts, USA.

Sutta Central

  • Cutting edge site built by the Australian Pali scholar, Ajahn Sujato.
  • It includes voice files, computer translation and cross referencing of the Pali scriptures.



  • An organisation that is translating 84,000 Tibetan texts into English and other languages.

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas



Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre
90 Church St, Camperdown (Sydney)

Buddhist Society of Victoria
71 Darling Rd, Malvern East (Melbourne)

Chenrezig Institute   
7 km west of Eudlo, Queensland


The Buddhist Library (Singapore)
2 Lorong 24A Geylang, Singapore 398526

  • 16,000 books in Chinese and English


Christmas Humphreys Memorial Library (Amaravati)
St Margaret’s, Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP1 3BZ

  • Over 15,000 titles
  • Theravada tradition

Centre for Applied Buddhism
Taplow Court Grand Culture Centre, Taplow, Maidenhead, Berkshire

  • Over 17,000 “items”
  • Connected with the Soka Gakkai tradition

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey Library
Carrshield, Hexham

  • Over 2,000 titles
  • Affiliated with Soto Zen schoolhouse

The Sangharakshita Library
Coddington Court, Coddington, Ledbury, Herefordshire

  • Over 11,000 “items”
  • Triratna affiliated

Buddhist Society Library
58 Eccleston Square London

  • Over 5,000 titles
  • Non-denominational

Jamyang Buddhist Centre Library
Old Courthouse, 43 Renfrew Road, Kennington, London

  • About 3,000 titles
  • Mahayana affitiations

Grenstreete Library
Greenstreete, Llangunllo, Powys

  • About 3,000 titles
  • Affitiated to Samatha Association

Gaia House Library
West Ogwell, Newton Abbot, Devon

  • Over 3,000 titles
  • Theravada and Zen lineages

Golden Buddha Centre – Library
The Grove, Victoria Street, Totnes

  • Over 1,500 titles
  • Affiliated to the Golden Buddha Centre

Buddhapadipa Temple Library
14 Calonne Road, Wimbledon, London

  • About 3,000 titles (English / Thai)
  • Thai Theravada affiliated


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