Buddhist FAQS

What is Buddhism

Buddhism can simply be described with one word – kindness. At it’s core is the idea of being kind to oneself, to others and to all living creatures.

Who created Buddhism

Buddhism was created by the historical person of Siddhartha Gautama, who was born on the Indian subcontinent in 480 BCE and died aged 80. After his enlightenment he was honoured with the title of Buddha (meaning enlightened one).

For details of his history click on the category “Buddhas Life” in the Lotus Library.

When did the Buddha live

The Buddha was born on the Indian subcontinent in 480 BCE and died aged 80. (An alternate timeline has him born in 563 BCE.)

What do Buddhists believe

Buddhist do not have a god to believe in. Instead, they trust that the Buddha’s message about spiritual development is better than what they can invent themselves and better than anything they can find in the new-age section of bookshops.

For more information on Buddhism’s core concepts look up “Noble Truths” and “Eightfold Path” in the Lotus Library.

How old is Buddhism

Buddhism dates back 2500 years. As such it is the oldest of the major religions except for Zoroastrianism.

Why is Buddhism growing in the West

A majority of younger adults in western societies are atheists. This has left an emptiness due to the lack of a spiritual direction and a loss of spiritual companionship. Buddhism has filled these gaps. It appeals as it does not demand a set of beliefs but instead maps out a spiritual path with ethical and spiritual practices.

What are the Four Noble Truths

Basically it is a medical examination of the human condition. It states that:

There is a problem – Suffering
There is a Cause of the suffering
There is a Cure for the suffering
The cure is the Eightfold Path

For a more in depth treatment, look up Noble Truths in the Lotus Library.

What is the Eightfold Path

The eight parts set out a way of life that hinge around 3 concepts:

Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom.

For a deeper understanding look up Eightfold Path in the Lotus Library.

Where was the Buddha born

The Buddha was born at Lumbini in present day Nepal in 480 BCE.

Where did the Buddha die

The Buddha died at Kushinagar in India in 400 BCE.